Midlands Christmas Charity Rook & Reindeer


This Christmas shoot will be held at Bonemill Range, Stourport on Severn

The event generally is intended for traditional British single shot Rook & Rabbit sporting rifles (and their foreign equivalents) from the 1865-1914 period. 
  • Full-stocked military training rifles such as .310 Cadets and .22 WO Training rifles are welcome
  • Additionally for this event the end date has been extended to 1960, therefore later Central Fire and Rim Fire Rifles are also welcome
  • No “Modern” rifles to be used
  • To maintain a level playing field “Iron Sights Only” allowed no telescopic sights.
This shoot is intended for enjoyment and to provide funds for a worthy cause so please come along and have a good mornings shoot.  
  • Members of the Stourport RPC and HBSA 
  • and others dependent upon range space
  • Each Rifle shall be a single-shot rifle weighing under 6¾ lbs, or a double rifle, and shall be chambered for a cartridge for which the Factory Loading Muzzle Energy is less than 450 ft.lbs. 
  • Sights shall be contemporaneous to the class of Rifle but must be iron type (Open Vee or Aperture)
  • A hooked butt-plate, palm-rest or ring (aperture) foresight shall not be used
  • Fixed ammunition only shall be used and must be loaded singly
  • For Vintage Rifles, the propellant must be 100% blackpowder
  • Orthoptic accessories, slings and padded gloves are not permitted, but at 50 yards the firer may sit or kneel on a groundsheet, padded mat or a small stool (equivalent to a straw bale) may be used
  • All Rifles shall be in Proof and appropriately licensed.
  • 50 yards (Sitting, Kneeling or Standing)
  • 25 yards (Standing).

To be of a Christmas nature, one Sighting Target and one Scoring Target at each Distance.


At each Distance, a five-minute Sighting Period, then ten rounds to count in seven minutes.  Competitors will fire at 50 yards first, then at 25 yards.

MATCH 1: Any Historical Rim Fire Rifles with Iron sights. Multiple entry. Entry fee required

MATCH 2: Any Historic Central Fire Rifle with Iron sights. Multiple entry. Entry fee required plus a Prize (£5-£10)

  • Match 1: A £20 prize for first place will be presented for the top score
  • Match 2: Competitors will be expected to provide a prize valued between £5 & £10. All competitors will receive a prize with the top score taking first choice working down to the lowest score
Competitors should report at the firing point at 08:45, unless previously notified, for scrutineering and squadding.  Competition firing will commence at 09:00 and cease at 13:00.
Hot drinks and possibly cakes will be available.

  • Match 1 : 1st entry £5.00 subsequent entries £3
  • Match 2 : 1st entry £5.00 subsequent entries £3. 
Multiple Match Entries are encouraged with same or different rifle.

Match Organizer: Paul Smith, midlands@hbsa-uk.org

All entry fees will be collected on the day so please bring CASH and a prize.