BSRC Historic Sporting Rifle Range Day

This Match was first held in 1999, marking a double first for B.S.R.C., in that we for the first time organised, rather than simply hosting, a Historic Match and also opened one of our Match days to non-members other than by personal invitation. It was be held for a fourteenth time in March 2012. As we and the rifles are now all 14 years older Adrian has decided to move the dateline forward as set out below.

Any non-member wishing to participate in the Match will have to BRING a Firearm Certificate permitting him to use the firearms and ammunition concerned on approved ranges.

The new dateline for eligibility of any rifle/calibre/sight combination is 6th February 1952, the date of the accession of the Queen. In other words, if, during or before the reign of George VI, you could go to a gunsmith and order a rifle in that calibre and with that action and sights, it will be eligible even if your example was made more recently. We will not be over scrupulous in trying to date telescopic sights, but participants are asked to respect “the spirit of the original”. All iron sights will be deemed eligible.

This will “legitimise” as Historic rifles those designed between 1946 and 1952 such as the Marlin 336 and the B.S.A. Hunter bolt action.

It will not include “modern” calibres such as the .308 Winchester or the .243, even though the .308 was introduced only slightly later. This will seem arbitrary to anyone who owns a B.S.A. Hunter in .243 or .308 but they will still be able to shoot them (or any other modern rifle – subject to range regulations) as an ineligible firearm but with the score not counting in the competition.

The course of fire will be 10 rounds, with 2 non-convertible sighters for the moving target events (Deer and Boar). For Doubles and the George Kirk Trophy 12 rounds to count (2 sighters optional) We reserve the right to amalgamate or sub-divide classifications on the day, according to the number of entries and type of rifles with a view to promoting fairness.

Subject to that we have in mind running the following events:-

Running Deer Singles

(a) Any Sights
(b) Iron Sights
(c) Big bore – Any Sights (.366 – 9.3mm & above, .577 MAX.)
(d) Iron Sights – Big bore (.366 & above, .577 MAX.)


Running Deer Doubles:- For Double rifles ONLY (.577 MAXIMUM)

Running Boar (Slow)

(a) .22 rimfire, Any Sights
(b) .22 rimfire, Iron Sights
(c) Rook & Rabbit Rifles
(d) Pistol Calibre Lever Actions –Iron Sights

100M Sitting, Buck Target

(a) Deer Rifles, Any Sights
(b) Deer Rifles, Iron Sights

100M Standing, Fox Target

(a) Any rifles and sights
(b) Any rifles with Iron sights

50 M Standing (on Time Limit Range)

a) .22 rimfire (Rook Target) Any Sights
b) .22 rimfire (Rook Target) iron sights
c) Rook and Rabbit (Rook Target)
d) Rook & Rabbit Rifle (Buck Target)
e) Traditional Lever Action (pistol calibres-Iron sights – Rook Target)
f)Traditional Lever Action (pistol calibres- Iron Sights – Buck Target)
g) Poacher’s Buck .22 rifles – Any sights

For B.S.R.C. Members who lack eligible rifles, there will be a selection of suitable loan rifles (.22 rf, 7×57, and .303) available, with factory ammunition to purchase (10 or 12 rounds as needed). Please return the empties!

Subject to our Cut-off Date of 6th February 1952 for Calibre/Action/Sight Combination, and Maximum Calibre of .577” in any case:-

“DEER RIFLES” should be deemed to include not only stalking rifles, but also such calibres as .44-40, .38-40, .300 Sherwood, .22 Savage High-Power and anything else (within reason- i.e not .22 rimfire or .297/.230 Morris tube) that Grandpappy might have shot his Deer with.
N. B. Maximum M/V 3,275 fps and Maximum M/E 7000 Joules but HME Procedures to be adhered to above 4500 Joules.

“ROOK RIFLES” the following Calibres ONLY.297/.230 (Morris Short & Long), .297/.250 (.250 Rook), .25-20, .255 Jeffrey, .275 Jeffrey, .298 Minex,.295 (or .300), .300 Sherwood, .305, .310 Cadet, .320, .32-20, .360 No.5, .380 Long, .425, .430, .442, any rimfire calibres OVER 6 mm (but NOT .22 or 6mm rimfire), and any pinfire, needle-fire or muzzle loading Rifle using a bullet of less than .380” diameter.
N.B Maximum M/V 2,150 fps & M/E 2028 Joules/1,496 ft lb.

“TRADITIONAL LEVER ACTION RIFLES – PISTOL CALIBRES” These should be deemed to include as well as .25-20, .32-20, .38-40, .44-40, such calibres as .38/.357, .45acp, .45 Colt but not .22 rimfire (too little), .218 Bee (too fast) or .44 Magnum (too late). Calibres such as .45-70 and .30-30 WILL NOT be treated as “Pistol Calibres” even if you used to have a Thompson Contender chambered for them!
N.B Maximum M/V 2,150 fps & M/E 2,028 Joules/1,496 ft lb.


This event was first shot last year. The late George Kirk, a long standing member of this Club and of the British Deer Society, wished to institute an event for Big Game Rifles and was preparing the Trophy at the time of his death.

The course of fire is 12 rounds to count (2 sighters optional) at the Running Deer Doubles. Any rifle (bolt, lever or double) with a minimum calibre of .366”/9.3mm and a minimum muzzle energy of 2,000ft lb.
BUT N.B. Maximum M/E 7000 Joules with HME Procedures to be adhered to above 4500 Joules.

It will be shot in addition to the Historic Doubles event but if it is shot with a Historic double the two events can be shot concurrently.