HBSA Open Mid-Range Championships 300 & 500yds

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Sunday 26th September 2021: “HBSA Open Mid-Range Rifle Championships”
(there will be a practice day on Sunday 19th September – pay on the day)

Championship is ONLINE BOOKING only
Please do not book more than two (2) entries since we could not squad you for more.

Non-members must pay a £5 Registration as well as their Match Entry(s).


All firearms must be appropriately licensed and be “in proof” for the ammunition to be used. (Note recent concern over 7.62mm NATO/.308 Win. rifles with Lee-Enfield actions).


  • As HBSA Rules 1995. However, orthoptic accessories, a padded glove and a sling (two point or as-issued) may be used
  • A wrist rest may be used with a Match, Sniping, or Any Rifle
  • For Vintage Rifles, propellant must be 100% black­powder
  • Fixed ammunition only shall be used with Military and Service Target Rifles
  • Wiping-out between shots is permitted only with Vintage Match Rifles
  • Replica firearms in the “spirit of the original” (Rule G.3.1) are permitted
  • No HME rifles (ME greater than 4500 J / 3319 ft.lb) are permitted
  • Competitors must produce a NRA Safety & Competency Certificate before they will be permitted to shoot


300 and 500 yards for all Classes


  • NRA/HBSA ‘Historic’ 2016 faces
  • Round Bull for Vintage, Any Rifle Post Veteran TR, and Tin Hat for all others
  • 300 yards: Aiming Mark 18″ dia. V 5″, Bull 7.5″, Inner 18″, Magpie 30″, Outer 35″ Hit 46″ x 46″
  • 500 yards: Aiming Mark 36″, V 10″, Bull 15″ dia., Inner 36″, Magpie 48″, Outer 72″, Hit 72″ x 60″
  • Scoring diagrams for these targets can be downloaded here >>>>


At each distance, two convertible sighters, ten shots to count

MATCH I: The “Hythe” for Large Bore Vintage Service Rifles (BP only, cal. over 0.476″).

MATCH II: The “Woolwich” for Medium Bore Vintage Service Rifles (BP only, cal. up to 0.476″)

MATCH III: The “Dollymount” for Vintage Match Rifles (BP only, iron sights)

MATCH IV: The “Classic SR(a)” for Classic (pre-1919) Service Rifles (issue sights)

MATCH V: The “Classic SR(b)” for Classic (pre-1919) Service Target Rifles (contemp. target sights)

MATCH VI: The “Veteran SR(a)” for Veteran (1919-1945) Service Rifles (issue sights)

MATCH VII: The “Veteran SR(b)” for Veteran (1919-1945) Service Target Rifles (contemp. target sights)

MATCH VIII: The “Hesketh-Pritchard” for Classic and Veteran (pre-1946) Service Sniper Rifles.

MATCH IX: The “Any Rifle”, pre-1946, any class, contemporaneous iron or optical sights.

MATCH X: The “Green Spot” for Post-Veteran First Generation 7.62mm TR (using SR pattern bolt action, contemporary iron sights, conventional stock: handstop & single-point sling permitted)


Commemorative Certificate for winner of each Match and for lower places dependent upon the number of entries – claim your certificate here >>>


The Matches are squadded: competitors should report at the firing point ten minutes before your shooting time. Four details at each distance: AM 300 yd., PM 500 yd. Those not firing in a Detail may be required to act as Range Officers. Latecomers may not be able to shoot.