HBSA Open Mid-Range Championships 300 & 600yds

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We will book a practice day, usually in the week prior to the Championships. Check the HBSA Calendar for the date. The practice day is payable on the day, and is open to all members as well as competitors.

Championship is ONLINE BOOKING only
Please do not book more than two (2) entries since we could not squad you for more.

Non-members must pay a £5 Registration as well as their Match Entry(s).


All firearms must be appropriately licensed and be “in proof” for the ammunition to be used. (Note recent concern over 7.62mm NATO/.308 Win. rifles with Lee-Enfield actions).


  • As HBSA Rules 1995. However, orthoptic accessories, a padded glove and a sling (two point or as-issued) may be used
  • A wrist rest may be used with a Match, Sniping, or Any Rifle
  • For Vintage Rifles, propellant must be 100% black­powder
  • Fixed ammunition only shall be used with Military and Service Target Rifles
  • Wiping-out between shots is permitted only with Vintage Match Rifles
  • Replica firearms in the “spirit of the original” (Rule G.3.1) are permitted
  • No HME rifles (ME greater than 4500 J / 3319 ft.lb) are permitted
  • Competitors must produce a NRA Safety & Competency Certificate before they will be permitted to shoot


300 and 600 yards for all Classes


  • NRA/HBSA ‘Historic’ 2016 faces
  • Round Bull for Vintage, Any Rifle Post Veteran TR, and Tin Hat for all others
  • 300 yards: Aiming Mark 18″ dia. V 5″, Bull 7.5″, Inner 18″, Magpie 30″, Outer 35″ Hit 46″ x 46″
  • 600 yards: Aiming Mark 36″, V 10″, Bull 15″ dia., Inner 36″, Magpie 48″, Outer 72″, Hit 72″ x 60″
  • Scoring diagrams for these targets can be downloaded here >>>>


At each distance, two convertible sighters, ten shots to count

MATCH I: The “Hythe” for Large Bore Vintage Service Rifles (BP only, cal. over 0.476″).

MATCH II: The “Woolwich” for Medium Bore Vintage Service Rifles (BP only, cal. up to 0.476″)

MATCH III: The “Dollymount” for Vintage Match Rifles (BP only, iron sights)

MATCH IV: The “Classic SR(a)” for Classic (pre-1919) Service Rifles (issue sights)

MATCH V: The “Classic SR(b)” for Classic (pre-1919) Service Target Rifles (contemp. target sights)

MATCH VI: The “Veteran SR(a)” for Veteran (1919-1945) Service Rifles (issue sights)

MATCH VII: The “Veteran SR(b)” for Veteran (1919-1945) Service Target Rifles (contemp. target sights)

MATCH VIII: The “Hesketh-Pritchard” for Classic and Veteran (pre-1946) Service Sniper Rifles.

MATCH IX: The “Any Rifle”, pre-1946, any class, contemporaneous iron or optical sights.

MATCH X: The “Green Spot” for Post-Veteran First Generation 7.62mm TR (using SR pattern bolt action, contemporary iron sights, conventional stock: handstop & single-point sling permitted)


Commemorative Certificate for winner of each Match and for lower places dependent upon the number of entries – claim your certificate here >>>


The Matches are squadded: competitors should report at the firing point ten minutes before your shooting time. Four details at each distance: AM 300 yd., PM 500 yd. Those not firing in a Detail may be required to act as Range Officers. Latecomers may not be able to shoot.