HBSA Shooting Programme November & December 2023

posted 02 November 2023, 5:06 pm

Dear Members

We have the following dates this year:

  • Wednesday 15th November:

    • Midweek shoot at 300 yards on Century.
      Bench and marker have been requested.

  • Saturday 16th December

      • Maurice Kanarek Memorial Shoot (Wappenshaw)
        This will take place on Short Siberia 100 yard range and will be a grouping competition. The course of fire is 2 marked sighters followed by ten shots deliberate fire (time allowed is 5 minutes for the 10 rounds). On completion of the string of 10 rounds, the target will be measured for the overall group size this will be recorded as the score. Smallest group wins. The Group centre will be indicated

      • This is followed by a  Commemorative lunch
        You are welcome to do either or both, shoot and or lunch. More details are shown on the website and booking page here >>>>