HBSA Shooting Dates for 2024

posted 03 April 2024, 11:07 pm

Dear Members

Wednesday 17th April Midweek shoot will be on Century at 200 yards morning only. I have booked a marker for this.

The new fees for a morning on Century are £60.50 for the target and £65.00 for the marker. Total £125.50, to break even we need 8.367 people on range.

Sunday 21st April HBSA Rook and Rabbit competitions

BSRC Time Limit range. Organiser: Richard Oldfield. Online booking only.

Book here >>>>

New Dates:

Sunday June 30th Long Range Smallbore Competition

Sunday July 28th McQueen Competition

Existing dates for your diaries are:

Saturday 1st June Collectors Shoot. Organised by Rob Davidson. All enquiries to him please. robdavidson303@gmail.com

Saturday 8th June 8.30-17.00 Sporting Rifle shoot at BRSC.

Sunday August 11th long range competition/day morning 900 yards; afternoon 1000 yards on Stickledown.

Saturday 24th August HBSA Miniature Rifle competition. We have booked Cheylesmore Bay B for the whole day

Sunday September 22nd Mid range competition Morning 300 yards afternoon 600 yards

NOTE: Previously the Midrange has been shot at 300 am and 500 pm. Due to the difficulty booking for 500 yards this will be shot now, and in the future, at

300 and 600 yards