HBSA Miniature Rifle Matches 12th August 2023 – Results and Report

posted 17 August 2023, 9:25 pm

Our Miniature Rifle Matches event is now in its ninth year, and goes from strength to strength. This year 21 competitors shot nearly 200 cards, in a day blessed with warm sunny weather for all but a single 15 minutes of torrential rain.

This popular event offers members the opportunity to bring out some of those fascinating but perhaps less competative rifles from their collections. Certainly we saw a very wide range of unusual rifles on the firing point, as the list in the Results will attest.

Most competitors opted to book a firing point for half a day, during which time about 8 details are achievable; this makes for very inexpensive shooting. The programme offers competitors the choice of 16 possible matches: two “Rapids” on rook, rabbit and rat targets; 7 possible rifle classes shot from the standing position; and the same 7 rifle classes shot with the benefit of a hand support. The hand support (of which we now have 6) permits a steadier shooting position although still standing.

Most members, whatever their special interests, will have one or more historic miniature rifles in their cabinet, and we would encourage them to enter this event next year.

We are extremely grateful to Stu Burden, Geoff Ormerod and Tony Cattermole for running an efficient but friendly event.

The Match Results and the impressive list of rifles in use may be viewed here >>>>