HBSA Midland Longrange Rook & Rabbit Rifle Competition

posted 31 July 2022, 3:10 pm

Stourport on Severn, Saturday 30TH July 2022

Dear Competitors

Thank you all for competing in this our 1st Long Rang Midland Rook and Rabbit competition.  Results >>>>

This year it was decided to run a Long-Range meeting to see how these old Rook & Rabbit Rifles would perform at 100yds.

The standard course of fire was altered to include a 100yd stage, which could be shot from a supported position.

This is an old Edwardian idea whereby the Non-Trigger Hand can be supported on any rigid structure.

An additional 2 shots being included (best ten from 15 shots to count), to give competitors the chance to sight in at this extra range.

We had 14 individual entrants shooting 32 matches.

The consensus of opinion was that the event was most enjoyable.

Changing to the larger target at 50m was an improvement, and the 100yd targets although difficult could be hit with all 15 shots being within the scoring rings and some excellent scores where achieved.

With Jon Hay scoring a magnificent 207, only dropping 3 points of the maximum in the Parker Match with his Greener .22lr Martini.

As always, I would very much like to thank the Committee and Members of Stourport on Severn Rifle club for allowing us the use of their range.

Special thanks to Chris Gray, Richard Morris and Tom Bailey for controlling the range and Mike Welsh who scored all the shot cards.

I must congratulate and commend all those who attended, every thing ran extremely smoothly.

I hope everyone had a good day and that we see you all again.

The next match will be held on Saturday 1st October, entry forms to be sent out shortyly.

Best Regards

Paul Smith