HBSA Fixed Bayonet / No Bayonet match report & results 10th March 2024

posted 17 March 2024, 12:39 pm

“If wet, under gazebo. Oh, there isn’t one.”

Even if the NRA had delivered the gazebo we asked for, it probably wouldn’t have made much difference. After the fool’s paradise first hour, when it didn’t rain and the optimists dared hope it never would, the heavens opened in the kind of ritual downpour for which Bisley is infamous. The smart money – congratulations, Ross – was ready to shoot at 8.30am and left before the deluge.

We were fortunate to have 3 lanes booked near the permanent shelters to the left of the Short Siberia range, and even more fortunate that nobody was using the benches closest to us. The huddle of non-shooters crowded inside was a rather pitiful sight, but at least we kept the scorecards mostly dry.

We were down on numbers, probably partly owing to the weather, but there was no shortage of enthusiasm. The usual flavours of 303 predominated, with a smattering of some other calibres. The black powder rifles were particularly impressive in the damp, still air, producing some splendid reports and billows of smoke that were extremely reluctant to clear. At times we needed the muzzle flash from Milo’s Moisin Nagant just to see through the pall.

Many thanks to Dave Carroll for all his work both on the day, and in all the other shooting competitions he brings magically to life. Nag your fellow members to make it a bigger event next year. And if you come, bring a wretched gazebo.

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Jess McAree