HBSA Fixed bayonet, no bayonet competition, 26th February 2023

posted 01 March 2023, 3:18 pm

The competition was shot on the morning of Sunday 26th February. We were treated to a largely beautiful and windless morning, though the cloud had thickened up a bit by lunchtime. Some 20 shooters turned up to enjoy what proved to be the usual mix of triumph and disaster on the scoreboard.

The markers were prompt and helpful, and after some initial hiccups the detailing was so smooth and efficient that we finished well before noon. A good selection of firearms turned up, some unusual, though as ever the various incarnations of .303 predominated. Black powder shooters were few and far between, though a small core of enthusiasts made sure the Vintage categories didn’t go totally unpopulated. If you’ve toyed with the idea of blowing the dust off your old Martini Henry, then get it off the wall, into proof and on the range for next year!

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Many thanks to Ashley Rollett, Peter Bysshe and Bruce and Bill Ellis for helping out in the butts and behind the point to keep things moving. And a special thanks to the indomitable Dave Carroll, who has almost single-handedly kept this particular show on the road hitherto.

Best wishes to all.

Jess McAree