HBSA Bisley Rook & Rabbit Rifle Competition April22 – match report

posted 29 April 2022, 7:15 pm

HBSA Bisley Rook & Rabbit Rifle Competition
Bisley, Sunday 25 April 2022

Thank you to the 15 brave competitors who endured some of the sunniest weather so far this year to shoot their historic little rifles in our competition on the BSRC’s Time Limit Range.

The 44 match card results are here >>>>

Overall the event ran very smoothly, we started at 08:45 (not 09:15) as everyone had arrived, 13 shot (10 to score) details at 50 and then 25yds were scheduled for 10 but typically took < 8 minutes leaving plenty of time to deal with mishaps.

We could have accommodated more shooters as most details had spare places and we could have had 2 more details at the end.

Two improvement opportunities were identified:-

  • As there was no organised lunch (Covid considerations) the period allocated was rather long, this needs to be reconsidered for 2023
  • Several shooters commented that the HBSA 20 yd pistol target aiming mark has become rather small at 50 yards given historic sights and eyes, a larger version may be better.

My thanks to everyone who attended, I hope to see you all again next year.

Best Regards

Richard Oldfield