Four Types competition 24th July 2022

posted 25 July 2022, 2:28 pm

This was shot on Sunday 24th July. We had 15 competitors and 3 targets with private markers

The results can be viewed here >>>>

The weather was very nice, sunny with occasional gusts of wind.

The markers were a bit ragged to start with, tending to rush things and not give correct number of exposures.

Tony Cattermole went down to sort them out despite them having a sheet of instructions. To be fair last time we ran this in 2019 Mike Townsend supervised/timed the butts as it is quite difficult to manage the target and watch the clock. Tony suggested that next time we make a rota for the shooters to go down to the butts for a session to help with the timing.

First shots fired by 9.10 am so slightly tardy start but all done by 11.10 including a few extra cards

We could have handled 22 competitors, however, the targets do take a pasting in this competition!

Well done to the competitors who scored a maximum of 50 and thanks as ever to Tony Cattermole for his help.