FAC “Collecting Condition”

posted 06 November 2021, 1:27 pm

Following forum posts and a member’s request I am re-posting and amplifying the following post placed on the website and forum some time ago. The Non Statutory Guide on Firearms Licensing Law now covers all the necessary points.

Collecting is well recognised by most Chief Police Officers and FLDs and is indeed an accepted “good reason”. HBSA is listed in the Guide as a reference organisation and our explanations usually clarify any issues raised by FLDs.

Members are reminded that if they have a collection of Section 1 firearms (or seek to establish one) then these may be identified on their FAC. You will need to explain your theme or proposed theme to the police.

A typical collecting condition (where collecting is the “good reason”) might read:- “The firearms which are identified by an asterisk (*) on this certificate must be possessed, purchased or acquired by the holder of the certificate only for the purpose of its being kept or exhibited as part of a collection and may be fired occasionally (or it may say “not to be fired” if that is your wish)”. Section 7 firearms are automatically treated as a collection and marked on the FAC by an asterisk or hatch mark.

There is reference to collecting in the Guide on Firearms Licensing Law in various places, notably, Chapter 8: Antique Firearms, Chapter 13: Good reason to possess a firearm, and Appendix 3: Conditions for firearm certificates.

It should be noted that “occasionally” is not defined as such, nor is use, and such occasional use for any collectors item may be any form of shooting, including practice, competition, game shooting etc. “

If you have questions or concerns please get in touch – we are here to help

Derek Stimpson