HBSA Journal Volume 1 (1973 – 1987) New

HBSA Journal

Vol 1 No 1 (1973)

Editorial – Launch of HBSA; Green Paper on Firearms Control; aims of the journal

William Ellis Metford by Dr C H Roads; brief biography; introduction to the Metford Letters

Metford Letters – January 1868 to July 1868

The development of the Breechloading Action in Great Britain – Part 1 – Early Days by I. M. Crudgington; discussion of sporting gun pinfire actions 1851 -1860

Armourer-Sergeants’ Field Tool Chest. Drawing and list of contents 1869

Extracts from the Eley Catalogue of 1910

ISBN 978-1-326-42816-7

HBSA Journal

Vol 1 No 2 (1974)

Editorial – review of the association’s first year; discussion with Home Office to enable firearms to be brought to meetings.

Letters to the Editor – collecting information on stripping and reassembly of actions.

Metford Letters – July 1868 to March 1871

What is it? Implement for crimping a “Paradox” Bullet into a 8 bore shotgun cartridge.

Internal Ballistics by A. J. Dewis – composition of propellants, propellant burning, effect of barrel length on efficiency, recoil energy, time of flight of bullet in barrel, average pressure in bore, pressure time curve.

ISBN 978-1-326-42834-1


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