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HBSA Long Range Competition – Match report

posted 20 Aug 2019, 12:02 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 20 Aug 2019, 12:04 ]
Shot On Stickledown Bisley, Sunday 18th August 2019
Dear Competitors
Thank you for competing in this year’s Long Range Championship Meeting for Vintage, Classic, Veteran and First Generation Rifles.  The Results may be viewed here >>>
As I have said in previous years without your support these events would not take place.
We seemed to experience all types of weather during the day except snow, lucky us.
No wind at all first thing causing the Black Powder smoke to hang about, followed by a moderate to high wind blowing from left to right in the afternoon, a heavy rain storm in the morning that soaked everyone followed by very warm sunshine causing some of us to steam.
Entries were once more down on the previous years but still reasonably strong with 18 individuals.
With our usual band of travelling Riflemen from North Wales, Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Belgium, Warwickshire and a few from deepest Surrey.
HBSA prize certificates will be prepared upon request and sent out ASAP.
I would very much like to thank all those who attended for their support and in particular,
David Carroll who managed the target and marker bookings and acted as Range Conducting Officer with the assistance of Steve Isherwood & George Tondryk.
I hope everyone had a good day and that we see you all next year.
Best Regards
Paul Smith
Please don’t forget that the Mid-Range will be held on Sunday 29th September.
You can enter online via the HBSA website.
I will be attending but David Carroll will be the organiser as I will be away for the 2 weeks prior to the shoot.

Final results for the HBSA Historic Miniature Rifle event

posted 18 Aug 2019, 19:01 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 18 Aug 2019, 20:36 ]
Please note that the final results for our two day event are now available to peruse on the HBSA website here >>>.  Lots of unusual rifles were brought out for an airing, and most shot surprisingly well, even the Quackenbush and the folding BSA!
If you were not there, but might like to have a go in mid-August next year, then drop me an electronic line and I will add your name to my little list.
Allan Kirk
Match Director

Historic Miniature Methuen – Saturday 5th October 2019

posted 13 Aug 2019, 18:30 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 13 Aug 2019, 18:30 ]
Please find attached here >>>> your invitation to take part in this our twelfth “Mini-Methuen” competition on Saturday 5th October 2019, please note in response to request from competitors we are holding it one month earlier than normal in October.
Unfortunately due to increased costs, we have had to raise the first entry fee to £7.00, the second entry remains the same at £5.00 and also subsequent entries at £4.00
As this is a one day event, would you please return your entry form completed with the rifle details and a cheque for the correct amount as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment, applications will be dealt with on a first come, first serve basis.
Kind regards,
Kim Barker


posted 12 Aug 2019, 15:55 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 12 Aug 2019, 15:56 ]
This ‘Snaps and Rapids’ Competition continues to be a popular event, with 23 entrants this year firing rifles and carbines of differing types as used in the Boer War, WW1 and WW2 plus a few ‘sporting rifles’.
Last year it poured with rain all day and the conditions were dreadful, but this year the weather was kind with sunshine and light winds. Our now celebrated ‘Turning Targets’ and  Fig11/NRA DP1 faces, marked up with a vertical ‘Bull’ area 4 inches in width worked well.  As we were only shooting at 100 yards, they took quite a hammering but the markers coped admirably  with several  breakages.  My thanks go to all those who turned up early so that we could start shooting at 0835.
As in 2018,  the course of fire was 5 shots single snaps, 30 seconds to reload (5 rds only) and then 5 rds rapid in 20 seconds.  Scoring:  Bull area : 5 points and all other hits within target border : 3 points.
The Siege of  Ladysmith Trophy – Boer War Era Rifles – sights as issued only.
Long rifles:
Name                                        Rifle                                  Score                           Place
B Ellis                          7 x 57  L. Loewe Boer Mauser       41                               Winner
G Tondryk                    .577/.450 M.H. Mk111                   40                                2nd
W Turmeau                  .44/40 Winchester 1892                  34                                3rd
S Pearce: .303 BSA MLM, 32; B Russell: .303 BSA Long Lee, 31; A Cattermole: .303 LLEnfield Mk1, 31; K Whelan:   .577/.50 MH Mk 4, 22; W Turmeau: .303 BSA  Long Lee, 28; K Whelan: .577 Snider Enfield Mk 11**, 19; B Russell:
.303 Martini Enfield, 14; A Dagger: 6.5 x 53R Fraser Mannlicher, 5.
HBSA Prize Certificates to:  Bruce Ellis, George Tondryk and  Bill Turmeau
R Stenner                       .303 BSA Lee Speed                      32                                1st
A Dagger                       .303 Martini Enfield Mk 111          0
HBSA Prize Certificate to:  Ross Stenner
The ‘Old Bill’ Trophy – WW1 Rifles – Iron sights as issued
Name                                      Rifle                                       Score                         Place
B Ellis                                   7.92 DWM Mauser G98            48                             Winner
W Midgley                           .303 Winchester P14                   42          }
F Cooke                                .30 ’06 Remington 03/A3           42             }              Joint 2nd
R Stenner                              .303 Enfield SMLE                    42          }
F Cooke                                 6.5 x 55 Carl Gustav  M96        41                             3rd
W Midgley: 6.5 Arisaka T38, 40; C Reid: 6.5 x 55 Carl Gustav M96, 40; G Tondryk: .303 BSA SMLE Mk 111, 38;
M Cutler: .303 SSA SMLE 111*, 37; G Tondryk: .303 BSA Enfield No 4 Mk1, 36;  J West: .303 BSA SMLE, 33; R Collins: .303 BSA SMLE, 32; K Whelan: 7.5 Schmidt Rubin Mod 1911, 32; R Collins: .303 BSA SMLE (No 15607) 32; C Reid: .303 BSA SMLE Mk111*, 30; R Cutler: .303 BSA No18 (1907) 30; W Turmeau: .303 BSA CLLE, 27;
D Carroll:  7.92 DWM Mauser G98, 24; R Cengarle: .30-’06 Winchester P14, 24; B Russell: .303 LSA SMLE, 23; R Cengarle: .30-’06 Eddystone  M17
HBSA Prize Certificates to : Bruce Ellis, Warren Midgley, Fred Cooke and  Ross Stenner
WW1 Rifles with Target or Optical sights
M Townsend                     .303 Enfield SMLE Mk 111 (PH 5A  tgt sights)         44         Winner
S.Pearce                            .303 Enfield SMLE Mk 111                                        30         2nd
A Dagger                           .30 Ross Mod 1910  (Win A5 scope)                          25        3rd
HBSA Prize Certificate to:  Mike Townsend
The ‘Two Types’ Trophy – WW2 Rifles – Iron sights as issued
Name                            Rifle                                          Score                           Place
B Ellis                              .303 Enfield No 4                           50                                  Winner
A Cattermole                    .303 Enfield No 4                          46                                   2nd
K Whelan                         7.5 Schmidt Rubin Mod 1911       44                                   3rd
P Fearon: 7.5 Schmidt Rubin K31, 42; J Cranfield: .303 Enfield No 5, 39; A Cattermole: .303 BSA SMLE Mk1*, 38;
P Fearon: 7.92 Mauser K98, 38; J West: .303 Enfield No 4, 38; W Midgley: .303 Enfield No 4, 38; W Midgley: 7.7 x 58
Arisaka T99, 36; K Whelan: 7.5 Swiss S/Pull K31, 36;  J West: 7.92 Mauser K98 , 32; W Turmeau: .44-40 Win Mod 1892, 32;  R Stenner: .303 Maltby No 4, 31; J West: 7.62 Moisin Nagant M38, 23;  A  White: 7.92 Mauser K98k, 23;
C Reid: 7.62 M Nagant M38 (Tula), 19; A White: .303 SMLE Mk111, 11;  A Dagger: .30-30 Win Mod 1894 Carbine, 5.
HBSA Prize Certificates to: Bruce Ellis, Tony Cattermole and Kieran Whelan
WW2 Rifles with Target or Optical sights
Name                             Rifle                                             Score                           Place
P Fearon                             6.5 Swedish Mauser M41                50                       Joint Winner
S Pearce                            .303 BSA  No4 T  (scoped)               50                              Joint Winner
J Cranfield                         .303 Enfield RO(F) No5                   46                              2nd
F Cooke: .303 Enfield No (4T), 38; B Ellis: 6.5 Carl Gustav M41B, 37; D Hamilton, 7.92 M48, 30; A White: 7.62 x54
Moisin Nagant, 21
HBSA Prize Certificates to:  Peter Fearon, Stephen Pearce and John Cranfield
Other Rifles (Including non-historics)
D Hamilton                        .303 Parker Hale No4 Sporter             35                            Winner
M Kanareck                        7.92 Mauser Sporter                             6                             2nd
M Kanareck: .223 Rem 700, 36; M Kanareck: .22rf Norinco 98K Lookalike, 32.
HBSA Prize Certificate to : David Hamilton
This was a very enjoyable competition, well supported  and with plenty of competitor assistance on the firing point. However, the rising cost of targets and our own ‘Private’ markers led to a small overall financial loss.
Next year, we will run the same style of shoot, but the entry fee will have to rise to £18 per head.
Mike Townsend

August September Shooting 2019

posted 12 Aug 2019, 15:24 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 12 Aug 2019, 15:24 ]
Dear Members, here are the details of HBSA shoots. Firstly we have the whole of Winans range booked on both the 10th and 11th August for the Historic Miniature Rifle Competitions. Kindly run by Alan Kirk this is an open event, pitch up and shoot! The Long Range competition is on 18th August there are still a few places left for this. Match organiser Paul Smith, entry online. The long range practice is on Saturday 17th. Run by Mike Townsend. Starting at 900yds and falling back to 1000 both in the morning and the afternoon. The midweek rifle practice is on the 21st. Currently on Century @ 200yds. Do not forget that the NRA sometimes switch us to a different range at short notice. My continued thanks for running these goes to Terry Hoskins. September The midweek shoot is on 18th September on Century at 300 yards. The Mid Range Practice and Competition are on 22nd (Practice) and 29th. Both shooting at 300yds AM and 500yds PM. As yet I am not sure I will be able to make the 22nd. HELP please!! I need an RO or preferably 2 to run the practice. If we can get 2 they can do morning/afternoon or both and shoot or not as required. I would also like 2 assistant RO to help run the competition. Again this takes the strain off and allows others to shoot as well. As ever your club needs you, both as participants and helpers. NOTE: The midrange comp is not yet live for booking, it will become live in the next 10 days. Regards

Ivory – Judicial Review

posted 30 Jul 2019, 23:44 by Historical Breechloading Smallarms Association UK   [ updated 30 Jul 2019, 23:44 ]
As you will know, HBSA and BSSC have been liaising with BADA on the issue of ivory in heritage and historical artefacts – in our case firearms and accessories. Members may be aware that in March BADA passed donations over to a company representing a group of dealers and collectors (FACT- Friends of Antique Cultural Treasures Ltd) who intended brin ging a claim against the government for judicial review. Since FACT submitted its claim to the courts there has been a waiting period to learn whether it would be allowed to proceed to trial. That permission has now been granted and the first hurdle has been overcome. The judge, in granting permission, noted FACT’s argument that trade in pre-1947 worked ivory is already covered in EU law and therefore raised a difficult and important point. It is understood that the case is likely to be heard in October. If FACT were then to be successful, this could possibly result in the court declaring the relevant provisions of the Ivory Act incompatible with EU law; this would effectively render them invalid. It would mean that the law could have no effect unless and until the Government either passed new legislation compliant with EU law or waited until EU law no longer applied. Whilst we all abhor any activity that fuels elephant poaching and we welcome and support the Government’s commitment to tackling the illicit ivory trade, we and BADA support the aims of FACT’s legal challenge to the Ivory Act because the Act fails to protect the legitimate trade in artistic, cultural and historical artefacts, which has no correlation with elephant poaching today. . If the claimants are successful in court, we understand that they hope the Government will enact new legislation to tackle the illicit ivory trade in a meaningful way, with an exemption to protect antique artefacts. BADA have been asked to assist FACT in raising further funds to support the final stage of the judicial review and FACT is seeking a further £40,000. Those wishing to donate are asked to kindly provide their name, current address, contact details and the amount of the donation in an email to before making a payment using one of the following methods: By bank transfer direct to BADA’s bank account: Bank: Coutts & Co. Sort code: 18-00-02 Account number: 00089001 By cheque: Cheques should be made payable to “BADA” and sent to BADA’s offices at 21 John Street, London WC1N 2BF Credit or debit card: Please call BADA’s offices on 020-7589 4128 to provide card details If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.
Derek Stimpson

Home Office Guidance

posted 30 Jul 2019, 23:28 by Historical Breechloading Smallarms Association UK   [ updated 30 Jul 2019, 23:34 ]
1) We have been working with BSSC and the Home Office to update the Non-Statutory Guidance following the Policing & Crime Act and the Offensive Weapons Act. Notably, to return expanding rifle ammunition to Section 1 and deal with the Prohibition of Rapid Firing Rifles in the OWA. There are numerous other amendments bring this up to date and we have sought clarity and to avoid any unintended consequences. 2) The Public consultation on the Statutory Guidance has now been launched and will remain open until 17th September. The documents can be found at:- We have been very much involved in the matter and will be responding as HBSA and in conjunction with BSSC. We are reviewing this and working on our response, and will keep members advised together with suggestions should any members wish to respond as individuals. In general a response from an organisation will carry more weight. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions. Derek Stimpson

HBSA Historic Machine Guns Film

posted 23 Jul 2019, 01:33 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 23 Jul 2019, 01:36 ]
Following the great success of our WW1 commemorative film, we have now uploaded the full length copy of our film of historic machine guns and pistols to YouTube. With the help of a number of members (thank you) we have created an index and data pages for every item demonstrated here >>>>
If you enjoyed the film, tell your friends. If you find any errors in the data pages, tell us.

Royal visit to Brecon

posted 11 Jul 2019, 23:20 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 11 Jul 2019, 23:20 ]
The King of the Zulu Nation, King Goodwill Zwelithini will visit Brecon next Sunday 21st July 2019. HBSA have been invited to attend the event which is at Brecon Barracks, The Watton, Brecon, LD3 7ED. David Frohnwieser and Colin Page will be there in the museum building with our usual splendid display. Members who wish to visit the event are welcome to do so. The museum will be open to the public and members from 14.00 until 17.30. Parking has been arranged nearby at the rugby ground. It is expected that there will be some musical entertainment in the barrack square from 13.00.

The Swiss Connection with the British Magazine Rifle Trials

posted 8 Jul 2019, 21:16 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 8 Jul 2019, 21:16 ]
In April Mike Burns (“The Bloke on the Range”) gave us an excellent lecture which was also filmed live, and has now been combined with the Powerpoint slides to create this fascinating film here >>>>
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