News 7 Jun 2020 to 31 Jul 2020

August Shooting posted 31 Jul 2020, 14:05 by Tony Cattermole [ updated 31 Jul 2020, 14:06 ] Dear Members With the relaxing of restrictions due to the covid-19 pandemic we are able to offer two shoots this August. We will be adhering to the protocols set by the NRA for the use of the ranges at Bisley. For this reason, we may need to limit numbers to allow correct social distancing. To help with this and planning please do not just turn up. If you wish to shoot you must let me know. Either reply to this email or use: Wednesday 19th Morning Midweek rifle practice: Century 300 yards. I have got a private marker for this so members will not need to go to the butts, this will aid social distancing. The long range competition has been cancelled, partly due to Bisley cancelling the morning ranges. Saturday 22nd August The practice day will go ahead. This will be shot at 900 yards in the morning and 1000 yards in the afternoon. I currently have 2 targets and markers booked. This is an expensive shoot to put on, please RSVP as we may need to reduce to one target. The current situation will have to be flexible, if there are changes to government advice these shoots may have to be changed. If this is the case I will email, however, I would recommend checking the news section of the HBSA website before travelling to Bisley. Regards Dave Carroll (Edit post) Annual General Meeting rescheduled to 31st October posted 27 Jul 2020, 19:23 by Tony Cattermole [ updated 27 Jul 2020, 19:25 ] Our 2020 AGM is booked to be held at the home of the iconic Mosquito WW2 fighter-bomber – the De Havilland museum near Hatfield. Post lockdown, the museum is re-opening in September for events but limited to 30 people. That isn’t sufficient for the anticipated attendance at our AGM, so we must reschedule to later in the year when larger events are likely to be allowed. We therefore took the decision to move to October when more members will (hopefully) be able to attend. Due to other events, the only Saturday available is 31st October when the museum will be happy to receive us. Clearly on Saturday 31st October there will be special arrangements to ensure that we comply with the then current legislation and social distancing guidance, the details to be determined closer to the event. We hope that you will be able to attend what should be a very interesting day. (Edit post) Open meeting for muzzle-loading Repeating Pistols 26-27 September 2020 posted 24 Jul 2020, 14:42 by Tony Cattermole [ updated 24 Jul 2020, 14:46 ] I am pleased to be able to give you advance notice that the SURREY BRANCH of the MLAGB will be running their “Repeating pistol Meeting” at Bisley on September 26th & 27th. That means that your Members can get back into the swing of things, so please do advise them of the news. This well-established Open Meeting is for all types of M-L “repeating pistols” — 19th Century designs, 20th Century Repros and “enhanced versions” and the 21st Century “Modern Muzzle-loaders” (using smokeless powder). Each Course of fire allows sighters and then 3 series of 5 shots to score — SLOWFIRE (3 mins per series), TIMEDFIRE (1 minute per series) and RAPIDFIRE (30 seconds per series), plus “BOBBER” on turning targets (5 secs faced / 10 seconds edged) and “SURRENDEN” – shooting against the clock. We allow OFFHAND (one hand only) and SUPPORTED (2 hands may be used) and the AWARDS are scaled according to the number of entries, with “Illuminated Place Certificates” and traditional “Skilled Shot Certificates” – in the past people who consider themselves “only Club Shooters” have been pleased to receive recognition. We have all been hit badly by the lockdown and many Club activities have been cancelled, so you might even consider designating some concurrent courses of the “Surrey Branch RPM” as your 2020 Revolver Championships. Information about the RPM is available from our Match Director (Rob Brassington) on < surreybranch.rpm @ > (remove the spaces) As it is likely that we will not be able to use all of the 20 targets on “Cheylesmore B” we will give preference to shooters who book ½-day sessions (at the reduced rate). Download the Entry Form here >>>> Good shooting Jim Hallam (Edit post) The Met Police FLD have advised us of the following useful and practical update. posted 18 Jul 2020, 21:56 by Tony Cattermole [ updated 18 Jul 2020, 21:56 ] We also understand that FLDs across the UK are generally looking to move forward with grants again in addition to renewals and variations. Some have medical checks pending which you should clear as soon as possible. We understand that Medcert has proved helpful during “lockdown”. Any member requiring assistance is welcome to get in touch. Regards Derek Stimpson The Met FLD are now: · Processing renewals via a mix of remote techniques (video and phone calls) and face to face visits. · Accepting variations. · Accepting visitors permits. · Working through the grant applications that have been in our system since before CoVid 19 (500). These are all receiving a face to face visit. Note – These individuals were all written to at the time of lockdown offering opportunity to withdraw or remain in the system. Follow up telephone calls have also been made to ensure that they have been kept updated on our plans. · Recommencing our interactions with and inspections of RFDs and Clubs And on 27th July we plan to open up to all new grant business. What changes can your members / colleagues expect: · Pre-attendance risk assessments – Our FEOs will be asking a number of questions regarding the health of the applicant and other occupants of the home as well as attempting to judge the space within the home and whether social distancing can be implemented before any visits are conducted. · Protective measures – Dependent on many different factors FEOs may ask for part of the visit to be completed outside or that windows are opened to increase airflow and may wear PPE (Mask and/or gloves) as appropriate. · Online applications (Grant & Renewal) being encouraged – On 13th July we took a major step towards moving our paper case management system to a digital format. This has numerous benefits both to us and the shooting community and has the potential to enhance the service we offer. A significant factor in ensuring success will be a shift toward receiving more of our applications in an electronic format. We recognise that some of the community may be barred from accessing services via the internet so will continue to offer paper forms. These can be requested via a phone call to our office. The secondary benefit to this digital system is that it also safeguards our services in the event of further CoVid outbreaks. The less we are reliant on a physical workplace the more options we have to maintain services. (Edit post) Cancelled – War and Peace Revival posted 6 Jul 2020, 14:34 by Tony Cattermole [ updated 6 Jul 2020, 14:34 ] We have recently received notification from the War and Peace organisers: The Hop Farm Show Ground has made the decision not to allow the War & Peace Show to take place 2020 It’s with deep sadness we have to inform all the visitors and traders WAP can’t take place . The War & Peace Show dates for 2021 are July 27th – 31st (Edit post) NRA Bulletin for clubs with Indoor Ranges posted 2 Jul 2020, 16:42 by Tony Cattermole [ updated 2 Jul 2020, 16:42 ] You may access their bulletin here: (Edit post) ECRA message post posted 19 Jun 2020, 23:21 by Tony Cattermole [ updated 19 Jun 2020, 23:21 ] Members may wish to note the following message from ECRA which I received via FESAC Derek Stimpson Dear collector friends, The EU’s firearms directive has an extreme impact on our research / collecting activities in an international context. If we have to comply with the legal regulations in the currently valid form, then sooner or later our activity will no longer be possible. In Article 11 of the directive, the EU already requires buyers / sellers, type, caliber, number of items, etc. to be mentioned in advance when cartridges are transported and taken with them across EU borders and to apply for approval. We all know that this is not acceptable to us. A working group of the German group of the ECRA (German Research Association for Ammunition e.V.) tried to influence the last gun amendment in Germany in 2019 and to find a practical solution for the German members. This was rejected by politics and the Ministry of the Interior. The EU directive has repeatedly been used as a reason. This was the reason why, as a member of this arms law working group, I tried to achieve something via the EU route. I have therefore submitted a petition to the EU that shows our problems with cross-border research / collecting in connection with Article 11 of the EU Firearms Directive. This petition has now been examined by the EU Petitions Committee and declared admissible. According to the letter from the EU, the committee has started to examine the petition and asked the EU Commission to investigate the matter. The petition was also forwarded to the European Parliament’s Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection. The petition has the number 1320/2019 and can be viewed on the relevant EU website. However, only a summary is shown there. The whole text of my petition is much more extensive and describes in detail our problems. Since I learned from the last general meeting of ECRA in Barneveld that the board is working to improve our status, I wanted to inform you about it. After all, all of our members from the EU member states are affected by the EU directive. Sincerely yours Rainer Schneck (Edit post) Northern Shooting Show 2020 cancelled posted 16 Jun 2020, 19:32 by Tony Cattermole [ updated 16 Jun 2020, 19:32 ] We have received this message from the organisers: Dear Visitor It is with great regret we have to announce that under the current circumstances the show planned for 28/29 August 2020 will be cancelled. We know that you, like us, will be hugely disappointed, but it was just not possible to deliver the show with the current government restrictions. Any tickets that have been purchased will automatically be valid for 2021 and anyone using their tickets to enter the show next year will be given a discount on 2022 tickets. Any child tickets bought to date will also be valid even if the child will be over 16 by the date of the next show. (Edit post) Thames Valley Police update June 2020 posted 9 Jun 2020, 12:34 by Tony Cattermole [ updated 9 Jun 2020, 12:34 ] Members may wish to note the following email alert which was sent out yesterday to TVP shooting community and we received from TVP FLD today. Derek Stimpson (Edit post) FESAC 2020 AGM posted 7 Jun 2020, 16:52 by Tony Cattermole The FESAC AGM took place by online video conferencing. Country Reports will be circulated by email – the UK Country Report may be read here>>> Derek Stimpson (Edit post) 81-90 of 709